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The fateful death of Albert Lustig

This family secret has it all!

The two completely different cousins Ernst and Richie don't look bad when their favorite uncle Alfred, who has just passed away, talks to them on the screen. He would like to bequeath a great treasure to the two brawlers if they successfully take care of his allotment garden for one season. It would not be that difficult if it weren't for the Vienna mafia, a Nazi family, a large portion of marijuana and several annoying rabbits.
Will the two manage to fight together and solve the old family secret? The hair-raising story begins almost 100 years ago. A real roller coaster ride with a lot of humor and suspense until the last page.

Max Neumeyer's first novel is a real page turner. Volume 2 follows! Only available in german.

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Unemployed, unfortunately cool

Published inKarina PublishersVienna

A satirical day - the right book at the "right" time.

The little woman and the little man, these two types of people are at home in German-speaking countries. They've usually been native for several generations, always a bit jealous and all very, very hardworking. Many decide voluntarily to be a productive member of our increasingly absurd performance-oriented society for the rest of their lives - even if in truth that is usually no fun at all. On the contrary. If you don't pay anything into the system, you don't deserve any help, so the general tenor.

There's another way
Max Neumeyer was like that too. After graduating from high school, he started working right away and lived out his tiresome artistic streak at the same time. He was a bartender, promoter, stage hand, server manager, cabaret artist, student and ultimately head of the local editorial office
Weekly newspaper landed. There it was then suddenly toil around the clock. The hamster wheel was open all the time. After three years he had had enough. Enough sweats. Enough heart pounding. Enough sleepless nights. A funny medical marathon began.


Diagnosis: burnout

Although he describes himself as an atheist, he believed the goddesses and gods in white, who wrote a depressive phase and a burnout with panic attacks in the medical record. world class.

He thought he wasn't quite tight. After all, he decided to do the only right thing:

Max Cocktail frei.jpg

He quit. Out of the office cage, on the first day of his newfound freedom - others call it unemployment - he began to keep a very humorous, honest personal diary about himself, his life, his experiences in the world of work  and the stupid society. He certainly won't make friends exclusively with this, but if a shitstorm hits, he simply closes the digital windows.Just take a break, you should try that too. You don't have to tell everyone! Only available in german.

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The Emotional Creativity Theory

How emotional highlights in everyday life can make us creative

Art, emotion and creativity are closely related. Art, as a process of deliberately arranged symbolic elements, touches its viewers in a very special way. The Emotional Creativity Theory claims to be a useful way for artists - especially playwrights - to evoke creativity through the memory of old and newer self-experienced emotions. Ideas, theses, scientific approaches and methods from theater studies, art history and art theory, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, psychology and, particularly influential, brain research and action theories were brought together without resentment.The only textbook by Markus "Max" Neumeyer so far. Only available in german.

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