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3 nights in Las Vegas: What to do in the "Sin City"

LAs Vegas Eiffelturm
Las Vegas is a crazy city, that's for sure.

We were also in Las Vegas during our 7-week motorhome tour. Of course, you can't go overboard here with children, but during our research and tours through this extraordinary city, we saw what you can do here. Here are a few tips for you.

"What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas", so they say. What certainly stays in Las Vegas once you're here is your own hard-earned money. The desert city is a great place to live large - provided you are liquid. Almost anything is possible here in Vegas - at least that's what it looks like at first glance. But budget vacationers also get their money's worth here, as there is an incredible amount to see. And you can get married here anyway!

Las Vegas, in a nutshell

Las Vegas has gradually proved to be an incredibly ambitious project in the course of its development. The city was founded in 1905 in the middle of the Mojave Desert in the US state of Nevada and has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the USA, and indeed the entire world. The "Sin City" is known above all for its colorful nightlife with numerous casinos open around the clock and other entertainment options. The city's lifeline is the almost 6.5 km long Vegas Strip. Along this magnificent boulevard, different themes with their typical design elements come together. If you walk along the Strip, you are not just in Las Vegas: You can walk through Venice, New York, Egypt and Paris and never cease to be amazed.

What does Las Vegas have to offer?

Anyone visiting Las Vegas has to go to the Strip. The Strip is Vegas and Vegas is the Strip! America's number one party center is not only the most popular nightlife spot in the country - you can also experience something here during the day. With this in mind, a stroll along the Strip is the most important tip we can give Las Vegas visitors - here you can walk along the most famous sights. However, you should wear good shoes, as you will have to walk a few kilometers.


Our tips for Las Vegas

Free to very cheap:

  1. Attend a short but funny circus show at Circus Circus: Circus Circus Las Vegas is a hotel and casino on the North Las Vegas Strip. It is home to the largest permanent circus in the world. Carnival Midway features circus and trapeze acts as well as carnival games. The resort also includes the Adventuredome, an indoor amusement park. The show starts several times a day and is free of charge. Our tip: We recommend taking a cab, Lyft or Uber to the entrance of Circus Circus to start your strip walk there. It is a very good starting point

  2. Bellagio Botanical Gardens: The Bellagio is one of those hotel and casino legends with a worldwide reputation. The 1300 m² botanical garden inside is redesigned five times a year and is well worth a visit.

  3. Visit Little Venice: At "The Venetian" you can not only push your luck (almost every resort also has a casino) here you can experience Venetian flair, take overpriced gondola rides, but also stroll through the impressive mall for free and admire street artists. A great experience.

  4. Prickly chocolate tour: In Henderson, east of Las Vegas, is the factory of the gourmet chocolate manufacturer Ethel M. A visit to this factory is free of charge. There is also a 1.2 hectare cactus garden to discover on site.

  5. ARIA Finde Art Collection: One of the largest corporate collections of modern art in the world is located in the Aria Resort & Casino. The public exhibition can be visited free of charge.

  6. "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign: 5200 S Las Vegas Blvd. is the "address" of the famous welcome sign. It is over seven meters high and was erected back in 1959. A small parking lot was specially built at the side of the road so that visitors can stop and take photos in front of the unique motif.

  7. Visiting flamingos: They are pink and often only stand on one leg: flamingos. You can visit these thin-legged creatures and other animals at the Flamingo Hotel every day from 8:00 am to midnight. There is also a small waterfall here.

  8. The fountains of the Bellagio: The Bellagio fountain is world-famous. The water splashes here from Monday to Friday from 3 p.m. to midnight, Saturday from 12 noon to midnight and Sunday from 11 a.m. to midnight. Legendary. The almost equally famous Mirage Volcano is unfortunately history. The casino resort with its 3,000 rooms ceased operations on July 17, 2024. What a shame, but at least we were able to witness the eruption live.

  9. Fremont Street: Fremont Street is all about the Strip atmosphere. Under the illuminated roof, there is a lively atmosphere amidst (what a surprise) four casinos, restaurants and bars. The prices here are supposedly cheaper than on the Strip. The street is "open" 24 hours a day.

  10. Shelby American: Founded in 2013, the Shelby Heritage Center is home to several rare and vintage cars and tells the story of Carroll Shelby and the company he founded in 1962. The 10,400-square-foot Heritage Centre is located next to the 150,000-square-foot manufacturing plant and most tours are free.

  11. Free pools in Las Vegas: It can get hot in Las Vegas, which is why there are some pools where the party atmosphere prevails. Just typical Vegas! Here are two pools that are free of charge: Firstly, the pool on the roof of Top Gold at the MGM Grand Hotel. Both parking and use of the pool are free here. The rule here is "first come, first serve" - reservations are not necessary and there are almost always sports broadcasts on the large screens by the pool. Secondly, we recommend the Azilo Pool at the Sahara Hotel - admission is from 21 years of age!

  12. The LINQ Promenade: Beautiful promenade with many restaurants and stores for every taste.

  13. Fashion Show Las Vegas: This fashion mall is free to visit. However, the branded clothing is very expensive.

  14. The Sphere: The Sphere is a music and entertainment arena east of the Las Vegas Strip. The extraordinary project was announced in 2018 by the Madison Square Garden Company and comprises 18,600 seats. Both the interior and exterior feature a wraparound indoor LED screen. Inside, there is also 16K resolution, speakers with beamforming and wave field synthesis technologies and 4D physical effects. The spherical building is 112 m high and 157 m wide. The arena cost 2.3 billion US dollars, making it by far the most expensive venue in Las Vegas. An absolute must-see - at least from the outside...

... and much more!

Las Vegas attractions that cost something:

  1. Stratosphere Tower: The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest free-standing observation tower in the entire USA. From the top, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city - highly recommended, especially at night. Tickets start at 23 euros (but this can change).

  2. High Roller: The Las Vegas Ferris wheel rises 168 meters into the air and is one of the highest of its kind. The 30-minute ride in the air-conditioned gondolas offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the city. Tickets start at around 32 euros.

  3. Ziplines in Las Vegas: There are several zip lines to choose from in Las Vegas. The two best known are the SlotZilla and the LINQ line. Whether you choose SlotZilla or the LINQ line, zip lining in Vegas is one of the most unique and unforgettable experiences you can have in Vegas. SlotZilla is widely considered the best zipline in Vegas, but Fly LINQ is the best choice if you want to cover the Strip. The cost is around 50 euros per ride.

  4. The Neon Museum: In the stronghold of neon signs, there must actually be a place where discarded neon signs are housed. So why not simply turn it into a museum? The museum is like a graveyard for neon signs and is particularly worth a visit at sunset. Guided tours are available from 18 dollars per person.

  5. Eiffel Tower viewing platform: Another way to see Las Vegas from above is from the "fake Eiffel Tower". From here you also have a 360-degree panoramic view of the Strip and Co. There is an expensive French restaurant on the eleventh floor. Tickets start at around 28 euros.

  6. Rides: From Monday to Thursday, 11:00 to 23:00, and Friday to Sunday, 11:00 to 12:00, you can experience real thrills on the rollercoaster at the New York - New York Hotel. The Big Apple Coaster is located directly on the Strip. Tickets for the first ride start at around 15 euros, after that it gets cheaper. Other rides include the Insanity, the Big Shot and the X-Stream at the Stratosphere.

  7. Attend an event at the Sphere: If you want to see the impressive event hall "The Sphere" from more than just the outside, you have to choose one of the numerous events. The cheapest tickets start at around 80 euros - but these tend to be considerably more expensive.

  8. The Mob Museum: The Mob Museum deals with organized crime, mafia crimes and unsolved murders and is housed in a former courthouse. Tickets start at around 33 euros.

  9. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition: This exhibition in the Hotel Luxor displays over 350 original artifacts and replicas of the ill-fated luxury cruise ship Titanic. Tickets: From around 38 euros

  10. Madame Tussauds: Not much needs to be said about the wax museum. If you like that sort of thing, you'll have fun here. From 27 euros.

  11. Zak Bagans' The Haunted Museum: The host and executive producer of Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans, opened the first award-winning Haunted Museum in Las Vegas at the historic Wengert Mansion, a building known for decades for its dark occult history. Who dares to explore the spooky corridors and secret passages? There are also plenty of paranormal exhibits and cursed artifacts as well as possessions that once belonged to notorious serial killers. From around 54 euros

  12. Helicopter or balloon flight: A flight over Las Vegas is an unforgettable experience. However, you should expect to pay between 300 and 600 euros per person. There are several providers, so it's best to compare.

... and much more!

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Excursions that can be made from Las Vegas:

Las Vegas itself already has so much to offer that you don't really need to leave here. Also, considering the great distances that Americans often travel on their day trips, you have to be very careful with tips for excursions here. Nevertheless, we are happy to provide a few tips:

  1. Hoover Dam: A visit to the famous Hoover Dam is certainly an experience. You can book a guided tour or simply drive over the dam on your own. Tours are available from around 45 euros. The trip in one direction takes around 40 minutes by car.

  2. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: Red Rock Canyon in the Spring Mountains comprises several canyons and is a popular destination for hiking and climbing enthusiasts. A one-way road runs through the canyon with picnic areas and routes for hiking and mountain biking. Entrance fee: 20 dollars per vehicle. The journey by car takes about 20 minutes.

  3. Grand Canyon: If longer day trips are not a problem, the Grand Canyon can also be visited from Las Vegas. The one-way trip is around 130 miles long. However, we advise against this and recommend combining the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon or Horseshoe Bend with overnight stays on site. It is well worth it!


Las Vegas is a tourist magnet. However, if you are looking for peace and relaxation, this is not the place for you. But what you can do is save money. There is so much to see here that you don't necessarily have to spend a lot if you spend a few days here. We were in Las Vegas with the motorhome and spent the night at the local KOA campground. Here we had a pool and a hot tube, which made our stay in this special city even more enjoyable. But just come and see for yourself!

Our journey continues, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, best regards Max, Steffi and Co.


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