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I don't know how, but you have found your way to our new website Reisenhochzwei. While you're here, we invite you to take a look around and get in touch with us. 

Dive with us into the world of travel, because there is nothing better than discovering the world together. Here you can find out what we have already experienced and where we have been. In our travel blog you can get ideas for your next trips or your dream vacation.


On this beautiful planet we call home, there are more places than we can visit in a human lifetime, more adventures we can have and more interesting people we can meet along the way. Let's at least try to check off as much of it as possible, because life is shorter than you think.  


We are Steffi and Max and together with our children we love traveling. Be our virtual guest and follow us on our greatest passion. Don't feel like at home, feel like travelling around the world!


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Enjoy our travel blog
 Starting in February 2024, we'll be reporting regularly from our multi-month journey across the pond - follow us on Facebook and Instagram, too.


All of our trips and excursions are self-paid - we do not give paid recommendations! Exception: affiliate links.

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